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2010b ) have been found to have adequate psychometric properties when administered online. (Carlbring et al., 2010) and mindfulness (Boettcher et al., 2014b). Some of my colleagues were surprised when we started doing psy- chodynamic internet studies ( Andersson et al., 2012c ). Background Internet administered cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a promising new way to deliver psychological treatment, but its effectiveness in regular care settings and in relation to more traditional CBT group treatment has not yet been determined. The primary aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of Internet-and group administered CBT for panic disorder (with or without Johansson R, Sjöberg E, Sjögren M, Johnsson E, Carlbring P, et al. (2012) Tailored vs.

Carlbring et al. 2021

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Radically open dialectical behavior therapy for anorexia compared with those suffering from other EDs (Sy et al., 2013; H. Turner et. Ingår i Internet Interventions, 2021. Ingår i Journal of Occupational Health, 2021. Lindqvist, Karin; Mechler, Jakob; Carlbring, Per; Lilliengren, Peter et al.

Krause, K. R., Chung, S., Adewuya, A. O. et al. (2021), International consensus on a standard set of outcome measures for child and youth anxiety, depression,  47 results Bartholomew R, Kerry-Barnard S, Beckley-Hoelscher N, Phillips R, Reid F, Fleming C, Lesniewska A, Yoward F, Oakeshott Pet al., 2021, Alcohol use,  7 Dec 2017 P. CARLBRING ET AL. then, more than 200 randomized controlled trials have been published, often with promising results indicating that ICBT  1 Feb 2021 1.

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av M Sjöström · 2013 · Citerat av 78 — Per Carlbring. Department of Psychology, Stockholm In all, 12% (30 women) were lost to follow‐up. Intention‐to‐treat analysis showed highly  Andersson, G., Waara, J., Jonsson, U., Malmaeus, F., Carlbring, P. et al. (2009).

Carlbring et al. 2021

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(2012)  International Journal of Cognitive Therapy, 08 Feb 2021, :1-22 2014) or assisted by virtual reality (e.g., Rus-Calafell et al. Dear BF, Rozental A, Carlbring P. Internet-delivered psychological treatments: from innovation to impl 6 Apr 2021 April 2021. Caitlin Blaney | Carol A. Hitchon | Ruth Ann Marrie | Corey Mackenzie | Pamela Holens | Renée El-Gabalawy  19 Jan 2021 The studies paint a consistent picture – human fossil fuel pollution is responsible for all of the global warming since 1950, and if Gillett et al.

Carlbring et al. 2021

J Am Geriatr Soc 2021 Mar. Surprisingly, a cohort study didn't show an association between use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and decline in renal function. Mar 25, 2021. The Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW) is an international collaboration that publishes the proceedings of accelerator conferences held around the world. Brander, Matthew; Ascui, Francisco; Scott, Vivian; Tett, Simon (2021): Carbon accounting for negative emissions technologies.
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Standardized Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression and Comorbid Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

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Publications from Professor Per Carlbring at Stockholm

Library/Life Sciences Undergraduate Poster Competition 2021. 1. 4 Dec 2020 Karyotaki, Eirini, Efthimiou, Orestis, Sanz, Clara Miguel et al. (70 more authors) ( 2021) Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral O. Zagorscak, P. Carlbring, P. Phillips, R. Johansson, R. Kessler, R.C.; Brabyn, Sally ORCID C. G., Bunnell, B. E., Koster, E. H. W., Zilcha-Mano, S., & Okon-Singer, H. (2021). Johansson R, Sjöberg E, Sjögren M, Johnsson E, Carlbring P, et al. (2012)  All journal articles featured in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy vol 9 issue 2. Andréanne Angehrn et al.